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headBobbi Winslow, a Spiritual Life Coach, provides a full spectrum of services to bring peace of mind, find clarity and help relieve stress in life situations. Her training in multiple fields allows her to customize a course of action to accomplish the client’s request. As a Spiritual Life Coach, her objective is to have her client find confidence in making their choices in relationships and learn to untangle dilemmas on their own because of what they learn about their own strengths in the sessions with Bobbi. These are not therapy sessions and Bobbi is not a counselor. Clients learn to look for answers within their own heart using guided imagery and writing their personal positive affirmations. After a sitting with Bobbi in the role of Spiritual Companion, clients’ minds are clearer and problems seen manageable. She says, “I love to see eyes light up when a client discovers the answer to their problem”. Bobbi uses meditation in private sessions and she teaches group meditation. Bobbi will not give advice, so don’t even ask for it. She doesn’t judge or shame anyone for mistakes or actions. She simply listens and guides you back to a place within yourself where you find clarity. As a Master Facilitator for The Virtues Project, International, Bobbi holds training seminars for educators and parents. When educators use the five strategies, the students’ confidence improves and there is an increase in positive classroom behavior. There are positive results with children, teens, adults, parents, and school educators. Bobbi is the founder of Parenting on Purpose a program for coaching children and facilitating parenting classes. Many people have called them re-parenting classes because the adults learn the powerful results of managing their own affairs when they speak the language of the virtues, watch for teachable moments and practice spiritual companioning. We all have fears; they just take on different forms in different people, whether we’re a CEO or a small child. When we realize our similarities, we begin to cooperate instead of compete, we are willing to forgive, we find patience and stress is reduced. When we learn to live from our spiritual qualities we have more vibrant lives.

Spiritual Life Coach

As a client or in a group, use small steps to find peace, clarity and strength to expand your life.

Parenting on Purpose

For 6 weeks, have a parent’s night out & learn like a kid with story time, coloring, clay & games.

The Virtues Project™

Discover the magic during a workshop as a student or train as a facilitator. The Virtues Project


Mentor, Spiritual Coach, Workshop Facilitator. Discover the value of working with, and learning from, Bobbi Winslow.

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She is a positive

influence in my life.

She continues to see the good in me and encourages me to love myself. I get to see new ways to use my virtues. It’s an easy way to choose the best way to act, both for me and my son. I look forward to my time with Bobbi. I leave our coaching session with a feeling of peace and confidence.

~ Stephanie S.

“I admire her tenacious commitment”

For over 15 years, I’ve watched Bobbi walk her path and she’s always working on upgrading her skills. I admire her tenacious commitment to the Virtues Project.

Bobbi has a lot of colors in her paint box and she mixes them to create her own unique Bobbi Winslow swatch.

She may be 5 foot nothin’, but she’s really somethin’.

~Anthony O

CONTACT (970) 776-9269

She is available to meet in her Loveland, Colorado office, by phone or Skype.

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