Parenting On Purpose

Workshops are designed to educate parents and educators who inspire children to live up to their finest ideals, using techniques that encourage choice rather than dictated behavior. The goal is to prepare them for life and demonstrate how to think rather than setting rules on what to think. When we catch them in the act of being good and acknowledge the quality they have practiced, children and adults find the internal feeling and then recall the behavior with a feeling of reward. We learn that positive consequences and confident choices are the result of responsible behavior.

Another strategy used in The Virtues Project™ is the Art of Spiritual Companionship. When mistakes are made, the method of companionship is used to resolve the conflict and make amends. This technique is used in business, home and schools to avoid power struggles. This works equally well for small children and CEO’s from large companies. This companioning strategy is truly an art and it requires practice. That is why Virtues Connection groups were created! Participants in these groups come from all segments of the community and new friendships form quickly. A member of one of these groups called the Parenting on Purpose workshop and LoveLand Connection,  “Reparenting” because she was able to work through some sticky stuff from her childhood and “re-parent” herself.

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