Bobbi is a multi talented woman of grace. She provided awesome mentorship for my daughter during some challenging times in our life. Her clear sightedness of forward

positive vision and practical ways to accomplish goals are inspirational. Her determination and steadfastness bring courage and faith.”

Laura G-m.

Bobbi is awesome, I have had Bobbi as a teacher for several class. She genuinely cares about all people. Her creative reservoir along with her desire to share with the world makes her a powerful practitioner and a gift to all. Thank you!

Debra J D.

Bobbi is an amazing teacher. I have taken several classes she has offered and I have always

left feeling my time was well spent. Bobbi always has great material and presents it in a clear and interesting fashion. She always takes time to discuss questions that are asked and

encourages points of view offered by others. Bobbi has tremendous knowledge and

experience to support people in gaining insight and new understanding.   I have thoroughly

enjoyed every class I have taken with Bobbi.

Dan H.

As a student in Bobbi’s classes, I have had many opportunities to see her in action. She is insightful, caring and passionate about her work. She facilitates effectively, really listens to people and knows how to respond in ways that are helpful, caring and nonjudgmental. She gives her life to service and serves us well.

Pat A.