Providing a spectrum of possibilities for a vibrant life.

Like stones tumbling in a kaleidoscope, you can change your thought patterns. The prism will reflect and amplify the patterns, giving your life’s light a new spectrum of When old patterns block your progress, creative thinking will increase your possibilities. As a coach, I see your light. I am the prism, helping you separate your light into a spectrum of colorful ventures. You were born with every good quality you need to help you navigate situations and relationships. These good qualities are your hidden gem stones. I help you polish the facets of your inner gems so you can remember your intuitive worth. Spiritual Companioning is one of the basic tools available to the student of The Virtues Project. It’s the art of compassionate listening, asking clarifying questions and allowing the client to understand the correct action to take. I become your Spiritual Companion during our session. I will never give you advise because what’s right for me may not be right for you. You find your personal power to confidently take steps to make your own choice.

Spiritual Life Coach: Put some spirit in your existence.

Your spirit is your life-force. You find your courage, strength of mind  and determination when you use this power. When you make positive choices, you are using this spirit force. When you are being authentic, you are recognizing the true essence of your spiritual self. Spirit is the nurturing solution that fills those empty places in your being. It’s the solution to fear, loneliness, grief, feeling inadequate and disenfranchised. After you have clarified the direction you choose to take to resolve your situation, I use directed visualization to connect you to your spiritual force. This is a peaceful process that brings the future into the present so you know what to expect and how to prepare. You may find that the thoughts you started the session with have changed. You were so sure that the world was against you and you leave the session with renewed expectation and direction.

As a licensed Spiritual Practitioner I help you resolve your dilemma as we organize the challenge in a positive way to remove thoughts that block your power. We look for possibilities that work for you and realize the Spiritual principle for you to use. Then, with a Spiritual Mind Treatment I create a portal – an opening, for you to receive all the good you expect in your life. As a Certificated Creative Life Coach, I will never advise you or tell you what to do; that’s your job. I will support your process to become your own:

  • Creative Thought Revealer
  • Director of Mind Whispers
  • Stray Thought Collector
  • Inspiration Cultivator
  • Possibility Detector

Private client sessions are scheduled to meet in person in my office in Loveland, Colorado, by phone or Skype.

Contact Bobbi for more information (970) 776-9269.  

She is available to meet in her Loveland office, by phone or Skype.