To become a butterfly, the caterpillar goes through a process of complete change in the chrysalis. Sometimes we want a more productive life and to be happier or more peaceful. The five strategies of The Virtues Project teach us straightforward ways to apply our inborn qualities to make better choices in our lives. 
What are the Virtues? 
Love. Kindness. Justice. Service.

Virtues are the very meaning and purpose of our lives, the content of our character and the truest expression of our souls. For people of all cultures, ethnicities and beliefs, they are the essence of authentic success. Virtue means power, strength and inner quality. Virtues are the content of our character, the elements of the human spirit. They grow stronger whenever we use them.  As a six year old once said, “Virtues are what’s good about us.” 
Facilitator Program  
Virtues Project Master Facilitators give Facilitator Programs throughout the world. Do you want to integrate The Virtues Project™ in a deeper way into your own life? Share The Five Strategies™ within your organization or community? Give Virtues Project workshops? This intensive workshop gives you the tools to facilitate positive change. 
Bobbi, is a Virtues Project Master Facilitator, and schedules workshops for personal growth, facilitator certification trainings and customized education sessions for all professions and walks of life.  Reveal the strength and power found in your inner self; awaken your spirit to greater good; register for one of the workshops found on the calendar page. 

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Contact Bobbi for more information (970) 776-9269.   
She is available to meet in her Loveland office, by phone or Skype.